Cyngor Cymuned

Community Council

Bro Cernyw Fund

Do You Need Financial Help with a Project or with Running Your Club/Society

To make an application for money from this year's fund, use the form below to give the details of your project.

The form is available in three formats:

Any enquiry to do with the fund, contact Elwen Owen

Closing Date: 20th January 2024


1. The full Council to discuss applications.

2. Discuss once a year but will consider special applications during the year.

3. The applications to be received by the date set by committee and officers to arrange a meeting to make a decision within a month.

4. The money must be spent within a year of receipt, except in special circumstances by letter of request to the Community Council.

5. Copies of invoices/evidence to be sent to the Council following spending the money.

6. In the decision letter, it will state “if the society/club comes to an end then the Council will have rights over the equipment and materials purchased with the grant”.

7. The grant will be advertised in Y Gadlas and on posters.

8. The fund will be called ‘Cronfa Bro Cernyw’.

9. Acknowledgement will be paid to the Administrator of the Fund every year for the administrative work.

This project is part funded through the Rural Development Plan which is financed by the EU and Welsh Government.